Top Cow Tuesday: The Darkness: Four Horseman is Just $0.99 per Issue!

The Highway to Hell begins here.

Tomorrow, writer David Hine takes over full time duties as the writer of The Darkness ongoing series, but today, you can get a glimpse at his previous work with Jackie Estacado. In Four Horseman, Estacado goes after a gang of bikers in the California desert. The Darkness usually protects him from fearing anything, but these bikers are not your normal outlaw bikers. They’re much worse.

The 4 issue miniseries is on sale for Top Cow Tuesday, and you can get all four chapters for $0.99 each!


VIDEO: Andrew Stanton on Storytelling

“We all love stories. We’re born for them.”

“That’s your job as a storyteller. To hide the fact that you’re making them work for their meal.”

Here’s a wonderful TED Talk presentation on story

telling from writer/director Andrew Stanton (John Carter, Wall-E).

Spotlight: Becky Cloonan’s WOLVES

Love is feral. Love is unkind. Wait. That’s not how it goes! At least in the tedium of scripture. But in life? Love has teeth.

In Becky Cloonan’s Wolves, what the

heart wants doesn’t so much matter to the bitter winds and the cruel onset of fate. To borrow from novelist Carson McCullers, the heart, quite literally, is a lonely hunter. Our hero is a gaunt and rugged wanderer desperate and forlorn in an unforgiving wood. He searches for a beast his King demands slain. It’s a task that might lead to far worse than death.

Wolves is a self-contained single issue rendered in stark black and white. It’s haunting and affecting, with an uncomplicated narrative exquisitely rendered. Liken it to a visual haiku, rich in the splendors of the natural world and human pathos.

The otherworldly realm of Wolves lies far from the Western Ocean where it laps the coast of Kush, Cloonan’s setting for the tremendous “Queen of the Black Coast” adaptation. But fans of her work on Conan the Barbarian would do well to seek out this equally spooky tale of primal passions. The action is visceral and the eerie scenes of doomed romance a tonal match for Conan’s hallucinatory lust for the pirate Queen.

Best of all, Wolves–initially available only in limited print runs from Cloonan herself–is now available for just $0.99 on Graphicly. It’s the perfect time to check out the self-published gem that Mike Mignola, Frank Quitely, Gerard Way and Guy Davis have been raving about.


New Comics on Graphicly – Wednesday, 03.14.2012

A new week. A new Wednesday. A new batch of books available on Graphicly!

Whether you’re looking for the bloody soap opera that is Dynamite’s Dark Shadows #4 or

something a little more mathematical like the zany pleasures of Boom! Studios’ Adventure Time #2, there’s something for everybody to chew on this week.

Saga #1 from Image Comics

Undoubtedly the most exciting note on the blotter today is Brian K. Vaughan’s return to comics! The creator of Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina teams up with brilliant artist Fiona Staples to weave a tale of star-crossed lovers amongst the starts in Saga #1 from Image Comics! When two aliens on either side of a galactic civil war fall for each other and conceive a child, their new family becomes a target for daunting forces from every corner of the cosmos. It’s space opera done right in a thrilling new ongoing from one of the medium’s best storytellers. This one’s not to be missed. At $2.99 for 44 pages, it’s the best deal in the universe.

Here’s the full list of new releases!

BOOM! Studios
Peanuts #2
Adventure Time #2
Elric: The Balance Lost #9

Dark Shadows #4
The Ninjettes #2
Warlord of Mars #16

Image Comics
Queen Crab
Haunt #22
Blue Estate #10
Glory #24
Moriarty V2 TP
Saga #1
The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #6
Thief of Thieves #2
Reed Gunther #9
Peter Panzerfaust #2
The Activity #4

Top Cow
The Darkness: Accursed Vol 6

Top Cow Tuesday: ECHOES #1-5 For Just $0.99 Per Issue!

Before Joshua Hale Fialkov took the reigns of I, Vampire at DC Comics, he let loose this little bit of psychological madness with artist Rahsan Ekedal.

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Imagine that you were not entirely sure who you were, or what you were capable of. Echoes will chill you to the bone, and make you sleep just a bit less sound.

The good news is, you can get each issue of Echoes for $0.99 each on this Top Cow Tuesday.

REVIEW: The Untamed #4

The Untamed #4

The Untamed #4

Written by Sebastian A. Jones
Art by Peter Bergting
Layouts by Darrell May
Letters by Troy Peteri
Asunda Font by Christopher Walmsley

Color/32 Pages

Stranger Comics


A savage place, Asunda. Even its Oasis is no place of respite from the wind-tossed deserts and the wickedness of man. The town’s name is a mockery to its beleaguered population and strangers both.  The beggars are hungry, as are the knives. The corrupt are firmly rooted, leeching milk, honey and more besides from this outpost at the edge of the world. So what could draw a soul back to this place once its found escape? Even if that escape is death?

Here we are on the fourth day of the Stranger’s restitution, a week of reaving in return for a week of life returned to him. It’s an unholy covenant between unseen forces and an unkind man who once ground the people of Oasis beneath his feet. Back in the mortal world, our Stranger has kept to his debt and slain his share of taskmasters and thugs. In this time, his cloak has fallen back from his face, revealing more of himself to us and to the girl Niobe who offers him shelter. He has allied himself with the roguish whelp Stutters, a con artist he spares assassination out of what little mercy he still carries. Could this stammering, deceitful boy, discarded by so many, be something of an asset in the Stranger’s ongoing campaign against corruption? Or he might he be a wrinkle in his plans?  The Stranger has made even more enemies in his short time along the mortal coil. He’s incurred the wrath of his brother and of even more shadowy foes.

The world grows ever larger. Even as the Stranger becomes more familiar to us as readers, the world in which he operates offers more and more mystery, the ratio of cloak to dagger exactly where it ought to be.

In The Untamed #4, Sebastian A. Jones weaves even more political intrigue and mystical arcana into his fascinating saga of revenge and redemption. He’s a script man with a poet’s heart. A dark, twisted poet’s heart beating beneath the floorboards to be sure, but he uses it to great effect in his world-building. Jones has a great ear for dialogue and offers the most sumptuous passages in modern fantasy comics. Few pages go by without yielding a terrific line you can’t help but repeat aloud in a hushed whisper. Magic stuff. Spooky stuff. The good stuff. He introduces a particularly creepy priest and a sordid (not so) gentlemen’s club here, and it lends even more evil to a town gone horribly wrong.

Peter Bergting delivers some extraordinary painted work as well, from a haunting desert landscape gleaming under a swollen blue moon to some truly cinematic battles under cloak of darkness. If the painted approach isn’t always so detailed as some readers might like, the technique absolutely makes up for it with wondrous atmosphere. More often than not, these panels are stunning with a keen understanding of light and color. Take this moment, an establishing shot in the dead of night. Such a perfect sense of place with such foreboding mood.

If you like your fantasy served dark as a neglected fillet mignon, The Untamed is the bleak, merciless poetry you’re after. For complex political intrigue and supernatural revenge in a beautifully realized nightmare realm, look no further.

Story: 4.5/Art: 4.5/Overall: 4.5

(Out of 5 Stars)

You can pick up The Untamed #1-4 on Graphicly today.

Want some cool Stranger Comics swag? Comment on any issue of The Untamed on Graphicly to enter a very cool contest!

INTERVIEW: Tyler James on Murder and Mystery in THE RED TEN

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What if you sent a couple hundred volts through Agatha Christie’s gnarled old corpse, then asked the resulting abomination to spin a murderous new yard for the Justice League?

Okay, that sounds like a lot of digging and tarps and mud all over the carpet. Instead, let’s turn to writer Tyler James and artist James Feliciano, creators of ComixTribe’s The Red Ten. They’re keeping the legacy of the locked mansion mystery alive with a bloody tale of murder and suspicion in the superhero community. Call it caper and tights.

We talked to Tyler James about casting his metahuman murder mystery, reader interaction, and marketing The Red Ten in an extremely completive industry.

The Red Ten #1

iFanboy – Let’s talk about the inspiration for The Red Ten.  A cape story by way of Agatha Christie?

Tyler James – Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery, right?

The idea for THE RED TEN initially grew out of my frustration with the over-reliance on killing characters to spike sales by the Big Two. I found myself joking that if they were going to do it, why not go all the way? Announce a new policy to kill a beloved character in every book! Polybag the hell out of everything! Bring ‘em back…and kill the #$%!ers again!

Obviously, I was kidding. But then I got to thinking…and that’s always dangerous.

THE RED TEN is how I would kill The Justice League if DC was crazy enough to let me. (They’re not.) I’m borrowing the structure the Agatha Christie’s classic “And Then There Were None” because I think it’s one that is uniquely suited to the comic book format. C’mon, a ten issue mini-series, each issue a character dies and one of the survivors is likely behind it all? Add superpowers to the mix and you’ve got a funny book I want to read!

I first read Christie’s book in the fifth grade. The brilliant thing about it was that when re-reading it for THE RED TEN research, I realized I had no idea who the killer was right until the last few pages…even though I had already read it! Now that’s a good whodunnit. I hope we can keep readers guessing all the way to issue #10.

iFanboy – Now, if The Red Ten follows suit with And Then There Were None, we’re looking at a steep body count. Rather than spoil any of those potential murders, what can you tell us about the first hero to fall?

TJ – It’s a murder that is the catalyst for all of the events of THE RED TEN. Red, the world’s greatest detective is brutally murdered in the opening scene, and the evidence points to her arch nemesis, The Oxymoron (a character readers will be seeing a lot more of both in and out of the pages of THE RED TEN) as the killer. So, her former side-kick and a corporate funded superteam, The Alliance, track Oxy back to an island fortress. It doesn’t take long before the mission goes all to hell, and the first issue has an explosive finale. And then there were nine…

In the second issue, which released in select comic retailers this week, we begin with a short origin story for Red, which ties into the murder and mayhem waiting for the survivors on the island. The name, THE RED TEN refers to the ten heroes who went to the island to bring her killer to justice, only to find that each of them will pay for a dark secret in their own past.

We ran a successful, “Who Dies Next?” promotion for the second issue, and I think we might keep doing that as the series unfolds.

The Alliance aren't exactly the usual suspects.

iFanboy – When telling a self contained story that takes place in a world populated with caped vigilantes, many creators tend to develop analogues of mainstream icons from the Big Two or other established universes. Watchmen’s repurposing of Charlton character is likely the most popular example. Is there any level of pastiche here, or did you start totally from scratch?

TJ – Oh, no doubt about it, every single character is a clear analogue to a mainstream icon. Artist and co-creator Cesar Feliciano and I worked hard to make sure the archetype each character represents is clear. The challenge of creating a book with this many characters and then killing one off every issue, is that we have very little time to make you feel for them. By using archetypes we all know and love (or hate) it creates a shorthand that lets the reader feel he already knows something about each member of THE ALLIANCE. But I’m also able to use that to my advantage, as the dark secrets each of characters are hiding are very much out of character for their most popular analogues. Uncovering the twists for each of these seemingly familiar characters is one of the things that seems to be drawing people to the series.

iFanboy – Did the process of creating these analogues change the way you look at the characters upon which they’re based?

TJ – Oh, definitely. I’ve always been more of a Marvel guy, but the archetypal characters tend to be more clearly defined on the DC side. So preparing to write THE RED TEN had me doing a deep research dive into DC characters and backstories. I think that, along with the new 52 business, has given me a deeper appreciation for what DC has to offer.

Joe Mulvey's take on Luther Strode

iFanboy Let’s talk about the “Who Dies Next?” promotion. How important is it to you that the projects had a level of interaction?

TJ – As an indie publisher, ComixTribe has plenty of disadvantages in the comic market. We don’t have 70-year-old multi-media properties to exploit. We don’t have multi-national corporate backing and the marketing, sales, and distribution mechanisms that come with.

What we DO have, though, is passion…for the medium of comics and for our books. And that passion is fueling the hustle we’re putting into them. So, we’re going to continue to experiment with promotions and other ways to delight readers and get the word out about our books.

With SCAM #1, Joe Mulvey did a series of artist edition sketch covers featuring cover homages to creator-owned books, effectively promoting Joe’s book and talent AND endorsing other cool comics people should be reading. The “Who Dies Next?” Contest was another no-brainer…part of the hook of the book is that one character will not survive each issue. Speculating about who that would be just seemed like a fun thing to tie into the book. The person who won the issue #2 contest picked up the book at Double Midnight Comics and told me he was SO pumped to find out he was right. We’ll probably continue to do it for each issue, and perhaps we can partner with you guys at iFanboy for the contest for issue #3.

Again, through signings and social media, we can have a high level of interaction with the folks reading the series. Next to retailer support, strong word of mouth is the most important thing that drives sales, so anything we can do to turn a casual reader into a super-fan and advocate is well worth it.

iFanboy – You also mention Oxymoron popping up outside of The Red Ten

TJ – I suppose I can give iFanboy a bit of an exclusive announcement here. At the end of last year, I reached out to a handful of some of my favorite up-and-coming scribes to see if they had any interest in writing an Oxymoron short for me. Essentially, it was a chance to write a dark and twisted “Joker” type story, and not surprisingly, the response was overwhelming. The scripts are in and they’re incredible, art teams are getting spun up now, and I will be orchestrating an Oxymoron anthology that will debut at this year’s New York Comic Con. So, keep your eye out for it…it’s going to be awfully good.

Here’s a piece by Jonathan Rector, an up-and-coming talent I expect will be a well-known name in the industry very soon.  Have a look!

Oxymoron by Jonathan Rector

You can read the first two issues of The Red Ten on Graphicly today!


iFanboy’s Make Comics Podcast – Marketing

Each week iFanboy’s Josh Flanagan (Dixon’s Notch) moderates the Make Comics podcast, a dedicated discussion about the craft of comic creation co-hosted by Andy Schmidt, former editor for Marvel and IDW, as well as the founder of Comics Experience. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in trying their hand at producing their own comics, but it’s also an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone in the field.

This week? Marketing

Marketing comics, especially those that don’t contain everyone’s favorite superheroes, is about the hardest thing in the world. Indie comics have little to no budget, and it’s a challenge to get anyone outside of the existing comics market to even look at comic books. And yet, without marketing your comics, there’s almost no point in making them. We’ll talk about some of the ideas and tools creators have at their disposal, and the importance in thinking about marketing when it comes to comics. It turns out there’s a lot to talk about.

Head on over to iFanboy to check out the Make Comics Podcast – Marketing!

Top Cow Tuesday: THE MAGDALENA V. 3 #1-6 for Just $0.99 Each!

Patience comes with her own rewards. This week for Top Cow Tuesday, stock up on the first six issues in the latest (re)incarnation of The Magdalena!

Belief doesn’t always come easy, but when you’re the chosen warrior of virtue, the last line of defense in the Catholic Church’s ongoing battle with the forces of darkness, a lapse in faith can spell the end of days. As the Magdalena, Patience wields the mighty Lance of Longinus, otherwise known as the Spear of Destiny. She is not the first, but may well be the last in her line of sister soldiers. Patience has a problem with authority, and thus she’s struck out on her own to face a wave of Hellish hordes alone. Then an old mentor comes calling with dark tidings of the Anti-Christ. Can Patience put a holy hurt on the approaching threat?

The Magdalena sees Ron Marz at his very best with a grim, thrilling adventure blessed by stunning art from Nelson Blake II and David Marquez. And those Ryan Sook covers? Lordy, lordy, lordy!

Get the first six issues of Magdalena V. 3 for just $0.99 each, today only on Graphicly!


Spotlight: Bechko & Hardman’s HEATHENTOWN

I don’t always read zombie comics. But when I do? I read Heathentown by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman. If you’re tired of the same old shambling, pull up your socks and head into the Everglades for some southern discomfort from an unbeatable creative team. It’s undead horror born again on the bayou, perfect for anybody looking for the modern response to Creepy and other classic black & white tales of terror.

Anna was never the brave one. Danger was Kit’s thing. When Kit is brutally murdered on assignment in Chad, Anna follows her lover’s body to her native home of Florida. There, she hopes to find a kind of closure. But closure isn’t quite Kit’s thing. It isn’t for anybody in the sleepy town at the edge of the swamp. Anna finds herself embroiled in an ancient cycle of terror, at odds with the laws of man and nature. That’s the way with swamps. Loss goes much deeper than six feet under.

If you’ve enjoyed Bechko and Hardman’s collaboration on Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes or Hardman’s stunning Marvel Comics art, you owe it to yourself to explore this labor of love. It’s a tribute to the best in black and white horror comics of old with exceptional attention to detail and bold, atmospheric imagery. Old school zombies with pets you won’t believe.

You can check out the full Heathentown GN on Graphicly for just $5.99!