Graphicly Comes To the Amazon Kindle Fire

The only place to find more than 300 independent publishers & 5,000 creators comes to the Amazon Fire.


I wasn’t going to make a big deal out it, since our community expects us to provide them with the ability to enjoy the largest selection of independent publishers and creators, but truthfully, its a big deal.

At Graphicly we are focused on two things:
1) providing visual story-tellers a place to get their stories seen regardless of the platform selected by their fans
2) a simple and easy way for fans to discover and enjoy great stories.

Adding the Kindle Fire to the Graphicly Network, which not only includes Facebook, iOS, Android and the NOOK, but third party sites like G4 and IGN, truly provides creators with an amazing opportunity to expand their brand and develop direct relationships with their fans.

We hope you enjoy your new Kindle, which is now just a little bit cooler.


CEO - Graphicly

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  • Jeff Metzner

    My Kindle Fire arrived today, but the Graphicly app doesn’t seem to be available in the app store yet. (Although individual graphic novels based on it are.)

    • llbbl

      I also would like to know where I can get the Graphicly app because this is one of the first things that I looked for last night on the Kindle Fire. Not exactly thrilled that it looked like that they wanted me to repurchase content I already own.

    • Nmpdesign

      Me too, I had bought two volumes of the Walking Dead and waited a whole month to read the second volume on my Kindle. surprised to find out it was not available in the Fire App store even though it is in the regular Amazon App store to get on your android phone. Boo-hiss that. I want an app like Comixology has.

  • Timothy Hodgson

    I also got the new Kindle Fire for Christmas…the first thing I did was look for the Graphicly app, but did not find one.

    When will there be a native app for the Kindle Fire?

  • Giannii

    Just got my kindle fire this weekend and excited to read comics on it!