iFanboy’s Make Comics Podcast – Pitching

Each week iFanboy’s Josh Flanagan (Dixon’s Notch) moderates the Make Comics podcast, a dedicated discussion about the craft of comic cre

ation co-hosted by Andy Schmidt, former editor for Marvel and IDW, as well as the founder of Comics Experience. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in trying their hand at producing their own comics, but it’s also an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone in the field.

This week? Pitching

It’s all about the pitch! You’ve got a great idea? Then you’ll need to pitch it. That requires knowing who to talk to, how to talk to them, and figuring out what they want to hear. For some, it’s terrifying. Andy and Josh talk about the age old art of the pitch, and what that actually means in today’s comic book industry. Granted, after you do the pitch, you’ve still got to make the comic book. But one step at a time…

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    Argh, the pitch! The biggie. You can prepare all you want, but sometimes nerves just get the better of you – no matter how good your idea! You have to be calm, focused, and confident in the strength of your idea.