Interview: Antonio Rojo Provides Deadly Artistic Force to JUSTICE FOR HIRE #0

“You pay cash, they kick ass.”

Today sees the release of Justice for Hire #0 from Creative Impulse Entertainment. In the world of JFH, retribution isn’t just personal. It isn’t merely a family matter. It’s an industry. Teams around the globe are offering up lethal services to those in need. Just so long as they have cash or money orders. Even nuns are getting in on the act. JFH #0 offers up some origin tales, but we thought we’d delve even further into this slobberknocker by talking to the artist himself, Antonio Rojo!

Graphicly: What we’ve seen so far from Justice For Hire is action packed, with no sign of letting up. Can you talk about the process of choreographing a fight scene? Do you find yourself moving around a lot in your studio?

Antonio Rojo: Well, I have not much to do it in this JFH case, because Jan and friends do it for me and they take pictures of themselves. I used those photos as a guide of movements, locations, shocks…I don’t belong to the world of fighting, so this was an incredible help for me, and everything that helps me, helps the comic book’s final look. I don’t usually work in other comics with this amount of photo references, but I trust completely in Jan’s cinematic powers.

Graphicly: How important is realism in a JFH brawl? Or is it more about being outrageous?

Antonio Rojo: No, no, every punch, every kick, every movement are true. it exists in real life. That´s the most important thing of this comic book. I think that this way of working will be liked by everybody, fighters and non-fighters.

Graphicly: Do you find inspiration in real-world or cinematic fights? Do you have any favorite action sequences or bouts you look to as a kind of benchmark? Any particular fighters or action stars?

Antonio Rojo: Everything was in the pictures Jan sent to me, I only had to do minor changes by my choice; I’m in love with the way Jan and his friends fight. First off, I saw Jan’s movie “Justice For Hire”, this way it was easy to catch the feeling, the main idea, and the rest was simple. I love action movies and fight movies, I’m a great fan of Tony Jaa. He may be my favorite fighter but don’t tell Jan Lucanus.

Graphicly: What is it like seeing your comic pages brought to life in the motion comic? Does knowing these pages will be animated change the way you approach each composition or layout?

Antonio Rojo: When I did the first “JFH: Justice For Hire” mini-series, I didn’t know that it would be animated. So I’m shocked about this new motion comic. I’m in love with it. It’s an amazing work mainly because that not was the original idea when I drew it. If you know that the work will be used for an animation you do things differently, you draw in separate layers, panels, you help in some ways to the animators. But they had to work with the flat art, which is more difficult and awesome. They have made an excellent work, I think is better than the printed comic book.

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