New Comics on Graphicly – Wednesday, 02.29.2012

It’s a fifth week in comic shops across the universe, but this week Graphicly has a whole lot to offer in terms of new comics goodness. Top Cow hits a major milestone with the 100th issue of The Darkness! It’s a big over-sized issue with art from Romano Molenaar and Phil Hester’s final script for the series. Hester departs on a high note, as Jackie comes face to face with the Darkness entity itself. Will either of them walk away?

Orc Stain #7 by James Stokoe

This week also sees the return of the wildly entertaining Orc Stain, a vibrant fantasy trip from writer and artist James Stokoe. Can One-Eye survive another day under the cloud of Poxagronka? It’s off to the mountain stronghold of Rekanda Tor. But is this ancient fortress a sanctuary or death trap? As always, hold on to your gronks!

BOOM! Studios
Irredeemable #34
Steed and Mrs. Peel #2
Too Much Coffee Man #2
Hellraiser #11

Comix Tribe
The Red Ten #1 – #2

The Bionic Man #7
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #22
Lord of the Jungle #2
The Last Phantom #12
Robocop: Road Trip #3
Voltron #3

Image comiocs
Invincible #89
The Walking Dead #94
Green Wake #10
Hack/Slash #13
Vescell #6
Xenoholics #5
Samurai’s Blood V1 TP
Orc Stain #7

Impulsive Ideas
Complex #1

Radio Comix
Bureau of Mana Investigation #6

Top Cow
The Darkness #100
Netherworld #4