Spotlight: Bechko & Hardman’s HEATHENTOWN

I don’t always read zombie comics. But when I do? I read Heathentown by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman. If you’re tired of the same old shambling, pull up your socks and head into the Everglades for some southern discomfort from an unbeatable creative team. It’s undead horror born again on the bayou, perfect for anybody looking for the modern response to Creepy and other classic black & white tales of terror.

Anna was never the brave one. Danger was Kit’s thing. When Kit is brutally murdered on assignment in Chad, Anna follows her lover’s body to her native home of Florida. There, she hopes to find a kind of closure. But closure isn’t quite Kit’s thing. It isn’t for anybody in the sleepy town at the edge of the swamp. Anna finds herself embroiled in an ancient cycle of terror, at odds with the laws of man and nature. That’s the way with swamps. Loss goes much deeper than six feet under.

If you’ve enjoyed Bechko and Hardman’s collaboration on Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes or Hardman’s stunning Marvel Comics art, you owe it to yourself to explore this labor of love. It’s a tribute to the best in black and white horror comics of old with exceptional attention to detail and bold, atmospheric imagery. Old school zombies with pets you won’t believe.

You can check out the full Heathentown GN on Graphicly for just $5.99!

  • Tombed6

    Oooh, this looks very nice. I’ll surely check it out.