Shaenon Garrity on Comic Interactivity

Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud has inspired many interactive experiments, not all of them fruitful.

Shaenon Garrity of The Comics Journal has compiled a great list of experiments in webcomic interactivity. Titled: “Make Those Lazy Readers Do It,” the piece explores a number of attempts on the part of creators to enlist their own audience to contribute to the production of content. Garrity is quick to reference Scott McCloud’s treatise Reinventing Comics, which applauds experimentation but decries murky multimedia gimmicks that distract from the medium itself. This particular list is geared more towards feedback and collaboration with increasingly active readers looking to place their own signature on comics.

It’s an honest and focused overview of projects that just might inspire your own experiments. Worth a look!


Bravo’s Lisa Hsia on Transmedia Storytelling and Interactivity

What does it mean to ‘gamify’? For Lisa Hsia, Executive VP of Bravo Digital Media, it means augmenting TV programming with interactive elements and, well, games. And that translates to a more active fan base.

In a recent piece for Mashable, Hsia writes:

In today’s digital era, there are new factors at play that make transmedia a potentially potent game-changer for how TV content is created. Think about it:

Social TV has made television a richer two-way experience with fan participation. Nielsen’s own research shows how social TV amplifies the conversation and impacts ratings. Technology has created tools that allow the user to interact and gamify content as never before (location-based, virtual goods, augmented reality, QR codes, etc). Fans’ familiarity with and desire to experience TV content across devices other than TV has exploded.

The ability to efficiently create affordable, participatory storytelling vehicles that go beyond being “bonus extras” and spreading it through different circulation channels is changing the rules and creating a potential value proposition too big to ignore. As the forefather of transmedia storytelling, USC Professor Henry Jenkins, likes to say, “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.”

Even outside the arena of television, interactivity often lends added value to a story. How can you provide that same experience and level of participation in your own digital content?