Top Cow Tuesday: Angelus #1-6, Just $0.99 Per Issue!

Before they become the regular team on Artifacts starting with the next issue, Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic explored one of the bearers in the Angelus mini-series.

Danielle Baptiste did her time with the Witchblade, but in this mini-series, she bears the Angelus, the light, the opposite of the Darkness, and she’s going back to New Orleans, a wonderful setting for a story if ever there was. Her new power is daunting, and she’s got to learn to cope with it, along with her personal life. With stunning pages by Sejic, a Top Cow fan can’t miss this story.

Get the first issue free, and the rest are only $0.99 today, on your Top Cow Tuesday!


Top Cow Tuesday: Rising Stars: Bright #1-3, Just $0.99 Each!

Back to the grind, but look on the Bright side!

This mini-series spinoff from J. Michael Straczynski’s breakout hit Rising Stars zooms in on the superpowered Matthew Bright, who chose to leave the others from the Pederson explosion that gave them powers, and take up a new life as a police officer. This story focuses on Bright’s rookie year, trying to hide his true identity and cope with the powers he has, and what they mean to his life. Written by JMS protege, Fiona Avery, the book is penciled by veteran and star artist, Dan Jurgens.

Today, all three issues of Rising Stars: Bright are $0.99 each, because it’s your first Top Cow Tuesday of 2012!

Happy Moo Year!


Top Cow Tuesday: Artifacts #9-11, Just $0.99 Per Issue!

Today, pick up the next three issues in the cataclysmic Artifacts saga at an unbeatable price.

It all comes down to this, the final act in one of 2011′s most exciting crossovers. That’s right. All-out apocalypse just in time for the holidays. You’ll want to get caught up now so you’re ready for next week’s monumental finale.

Have the most powerful warriors in the Top Cow universe united only to see their world laid to waste? Are even the combined efforts of the Witchblade and Darkness bearers not enough to topple the Survivor’s bid for total annihilation? And at the center of it all, an innocent child with two very determined parents.

Ron Marz and Top Exclusive artist Jeremy Haun bring this splintered family to the brink of Armageddon. We’ve got the fireworks. You bring the popcorn.

Grab Artifacts #9-11 for just $0.99 each today only.



Top Cow Tuesday: Pilot Season 2010 at a Knockout Price

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, but we’ve still got some goodies for your digital stockings. Today, variety is the spice of your digital life.

With voting officially open on the 2011 Pilot Season contenders at, today’s Top Cow Tuesday deal lets you take a look back. The five contenders for last year’s crown are available for $0.99 each today. Check out 7 Days in Hell with interior art by Phil Noto, the beautiful spy thriller Asset, the pharmaceutical sci-fi mystery Forever, and the brainwashed CIA agent in Crosshair. There’s also the military meets bank heist thriller 39 Minutes, which won last year. All are worth a look!

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Top Cow Tuesday: It’s No Illusion! MADAME MIRAGE #1-6 For Just $0.99 Per Issue!

Today we saw some prices in half! But it’s no illusion! Just a very sexy reality.

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

You like Paul Dini on Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Arkham City, and any time he touches Zatanna, so it would make perfect sense that if you team with the absurd talent of Kenneth Rocafort, then you’d have a winner. (It’s true you would.) Madame Mirage is a very pretty lady with some magic about her who kills a lot of bad guys. It’s more complicated and of course more interesting than that, but you’ve got to admit it’s a good start.

Did we mention Paul Dini and Kenneth Rocafort, because that is key.

Get all six issues today on Top Cow Tuesday for a mere $0.99 each. Get on it!

Feast thine eyes on a preview for the free first issue. It’s like a tall drink of water to a man wandering in the desert!



Top Cow Tuesday: EPOCH #1-3, Just $0.99 Each!

Epoch #1

Jonah Bishop is just a cop working a tough murder case. No wait, he’s a powerful supernatural being involved in a tournament that threatens to rip the world in two. He didn’t know it when it he woke up, of course, but life has a way of throwing that kind of thing at you.

Epoch was written by Kevin McCarthy with art by Paolo Pantalena, and today on Top Cow Tuesday, issue #1 is free, and issues #2-3 are $0.99 each!

Epochal shifts at bargain prices!









Top Cow Tuesday: Iron Saint #1-4 is Just $0.99 Per Issue!

Iron Saint

Canonize this.

Meet Iron Saint.

“Set in an alternate-universe 1930s metropolis, a reformed hitman and an innocent debutante get caught in the middle of a three-way power struggle between the government, a religious sect and an underworld criminal organization.”

How can you not be enticed by that? That sounds like everything comic books should be and more. Need more? Fine. We can do that.

The series was written by Jason Rubin, acclaimed creator of the games, Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter. Still not enough? Fair enough. It was drawn by superstar artist, Francis Manapul.

Get the #0 issue for free, and issues #1-4 are $0.99 each today, on Top Cow Tuesday!

Check out a special preview of issue #0:


Top Cow Tuesday: Get Issues of TRACKER for Just $0.99!

No need to wait for a full moon on this deal.

FBI tracker Alex O’Roarck is the best tracker they’ve got. The reason for that might be the fangs, pointy ears, aggressiveness, and the whole werewolf thing. Much like the costumed heroes we know so well, he’s got to keep his secret, all the while, hunting another wolf in his day job. It’s not an easy like is what we’re saying.

Written by Jonathan Lincoln, with art by Francis Tsai, get the 5 issues of the mini-series for $0.99 each today, on this slightly furry version of Top Cow Tuesday!